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Our Firm

Middle East Alliance Legal Consultancy (MELF)

Middle East Alliance Legal Consultancy (MELF) is a progressive and multicultural regional law firm recomended by Global Law Experts that provides a wide spectrum of corporate, commercial, financial, and administrative legal services to an impressive roster of local and international clients. Headquartered in Abu Dhabi, our firm has a proven track record in handling unique and complex legal matters with successful results.

Our in-depth knowledge and understanding of the UAE laws, our top-notch Emirati and international lawyers, and our affiliation with international law firms have put us at the forefront of legal service excellence in the region. But beyond clauses, contracts and cases, what truly sets us apart is our commitment to go the extra mile for our clients by ensuring that their trust and faith in us arewell placed.

We have the finest minds in the industry, and they have extensive experience in providing best-in-class legal guidance. As seasoned problem solvers, our focus is to provide counsel and advocate for our clients with a perspective that is right for their individual needs, and geared toward the best possible outcome every single time.

Our Strategy & Resources

We continue expanding our network of services and work towards becoming the ideal one-stop shop for all the legal needs of major government entities,corporations and private clients. MELF offers a single window for ADR, litigation, and commercial transactions. As a vital part of our growth strategy, we have partnered with Law Offices of Musallah Al Mahharami Advocates to act as our litigation division.

MELF lawyers are multilingual, with special focus on English, Arabic, and French. Each one is committed to providing the highest personal service to our clients, delivering valuable insights, and exercising responsiveness, professionalism, precision, and accountability.

The Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)/Litigation team is composed of Arabic-speaking lawyers who are exceptional in contractual interpretation, drafting and negotiation, and knowledgeable in local legislation, codes, and procedures.

Our Vision

To become the leading law firm in the UAE and the Middle East, and raise the bar in exemplary legal services by constantly delivering cutting-edge, professional, responsive, and personalizedservice.

We treat our clients as partners. By practicing our fundamental values and fully replicating them in the day-to-day conduct of our business, weare able to fulfill our ambitions.

MELF remains committed to taking on board the most talented lawyers from the region, the UAE, andall over the world. We strive to retain multinationaltalentswhile predominantly remaining a local law firm.